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Sports ethos at Furzedown

At Furzedown School we strongly believe that every child should have the opportunity to compete and represent the school. We also encourage parents and friends to support their children wherever possible, but remind them to do so in an appropriate manner.

We have subscribed to the Wandsworth Code of Conduct, which reminds teachers, children, parents and friends of the appropriate ways in which to best show your support. A link to this document can be found here.

To see how the school spends its Sports Premium money from the Government, click here or visit the Sports Premium page.





Here’s hoping 2016-17 is even more active!

After an amazing 49 different entries to sports competitions this year, we’ve reached the end of the 2015-16 school year. As a school we’ve entered many competitions that we hadn’t even heard about before, allowing the children to broaden their horizons in a sporting capacity.

Many of these competitions couldn’t and wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work from Derick (Mr Watson) via training and continual support.

Sports Reports 2015-16sainsbury-school-games-silver-2014

Big dance pledge – 2/5/16

On the 2nd of May 2016 all of the school gathered to do the big dance pledge to celebrate that everyone in the world can join in and have fun even though they may have disabilities, and learning difficulties. A few weeks before the actual event, we practised twice a week, till we could memorize it from our heads. we’re also proud of the little children in Year 1- year 6! (Reported by Leila and Josh)

Cricket festival @ the Kia Oval -17/5/16

We went to the cricket festival at the Oval. We saw Surrey Vs Middlesex and we had a quiz to do. We found out that Surrey’s captain was called Batty. After watching the game we went down to the basement and practiced bowling in the players training hall. After about 10 minutes we went back up to get autographs from the mascot and players! Most of my friends got one but I got one by Mr Wicks which was pretty amazing! [Report by Jacob & Ronit, Year 6]

I am so pleased to report that all the money collected has been counted, and the final total we have raised as a school is a MASSIVE £4,180. Needless to say, we are very proud of all the children’s efforts and commitment to this worthy cause. Well done Furzedown!
Fanfest @ Crystal Palace – 10/3/16
Instead of ‘just’ being the supporters at the London Youth Games finals, the children we took to Crystal Palace actually had the opportunity to try 3 new sports – Beach volleyball, Zumba and multi-activities. I think the photos speak for themselves…!
Quicksticks hockey tournament @ Southfields Academy – 26/2/16The two teams entered into this competiton did very well; one securing 3rd place amongst 18 other teams, the other being award a ‘Respect’ award for fair and encouraging play of other teams.

Maurice Fulcher Cricket Finals – 15/1/16 (report by Darren Wagstaff)

So proud and privileged to have spent the day watching 8 amazing children (4 boys / 4 girls) and one amazing sport teacher ( Derek ) keep their cool, calm heads to win the Maurice Fulcher Inner London Schools indoor cricket trophy at The Oval.

To have got to finals day itself was an amazing effort but to win it so convincingly against bigger, stronger and in many cases more privileged and elite schools from Lambeth, Southwark and our own Wandsworth is just jaw dropping.

The team went unbeaten in their 3 matches in November and then followed this up today with 4 wins from 4 with an epic ‘win or go home’ final group match win against Hornsby House no less to see them into the final.

It was there they faced Belleville school with not only a proud cricket record but even their own cricket kit!

To put things into perspective even more, their Head of Sport is also Director of Cricket at Spencer Cricket club ( Wandsworth’s finest and a key Surrey feeder club) as well as first team captain so they were well drilled and confident in all they did.

I still can’t quite believe that our children have achieved so much in such a wonderful way considering the limited exposure they have to such facilities and experiences. I’m also immensely happy for Derek who can now look at a group of children under his guidance and genuinely call them winners.

Congratulations to everyone.

We have received a congratulatory letter from the Rt Hon Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting, praising the efforts of the team and support at the Maurice Fulcher cricket finals.

Click here to view the letter