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We value effective communication between school, parents and the wider community. Here at Furzedown, we pride ourselves on our close relationships with parents and approachable nature. It is important to us and helps build a community of trust and understanding that is at the heart of a good school. If you would like to share something with us, our staff are always pleased to make time to speak with you face to face. Please click on the button below to see who to direct your communication to in the first instance.

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We always welcome contact with parents/carers because this fosters mutual understanding and support, which has a positive effect on children’s performance and their attitudes to learning. We want to ensure that parents/carers always have an appropriate and helpful response to their communications. However, unlike some businesses and other occupations, the professional duties of staff in school can make it difficult for them to speak or meet with parents/carers during the school day. Due to teaching commitments, staff will typically be unavailable between 8.30am and 3.15pm each day. There are also other times outside these hours when they may attend meetings. 


Our preferred method of communication is face to face, however we will use email to communicate with parents where a meeting or phone conversation is not possible. We aim to acknowledge your email within 48 hours and endeavour to provide a response as soon as possible, but always within 10 term time days- excluding weekends.