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Furzedown Primary School

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Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things.  Flora Lewis


We are passionate about encouraging all children to become global citizens of the future.

We believe that we can challenge stereotypes through learning other languages and opening our minds to other cultures.

Our aim is to develop an enjoyment of learning foreign languages and to provide children with the tools to become confident in their ability to progress beyond KS2.



French is taught in 45 minutes weekly lessons from Year 2 to Year 6.

Our French curriculum is fun and engaging all the while based on a strong foundation of vocabulary and grammatical learning.

Lessons are taught by a native speaker: this means that children have the best pronunciation possible and access to a wide variety of French cultural experiences.


Year 2 Having a French Breakfast Year 4 Cooking French specialities
Yr6 Tasting Snails
Year 5 Video Meeting with Pen Pals in Bourgogne Year 6 Tasting Snails



french progression of skills.pdf


frenchcurriculum overview 2022 2023.pdf



Useful Websites

BBC Bitesize French