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The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.- Theodore Roosevelt

We are enthusiastic about creating lifelong learners who have a real love for History and who are keen to increase their understanding, ask questions and to discover more.  We believe that enjoyable and varied lessons, using high quality sources, bring topics to life.  This ensures all learners are able to access the curriculum and become immersed in the study of the past.  


Approach to learning 

At Furzedown we believe that History is best learnt through the use of key questions and an enquiry led curriculum. 

The key disciplines are introduced in the Early Years setting (through the use of Nursery rhymes) and then are built on throughout KS1 and KS2.   


The History Curriculum 

At Furzedown children will participate in two History topics in each academic year.  The topics are further supported by off-site visits to areas of historical significance. 

We aim to ensure that they: 

  • gain a solid and chronologically sound understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world 
  • ask questions and use evidence to find answers 
  • consider the reliability of evidence 
  • recognise bias and understand why accounts may differ 
  • understand change and continuity 
  • think about why events occurred 
  • record their ideas and finding in imaginative and creative ways