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Furzedown Primary School

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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and LIFE to everything.- Plato

We believe that music is for everyone.  

All children can become happy and confident musicians when presented with the right learning opportunities. 

Everybody accesses at least one hour of dedicated music per week: 

  • A class music lesson of 45 minutes (30 mins in EYFS) 
  • Singing assembly  
  • Singing daily in class or assembly 


The Curriculum 

Our music curriculum is evolving in light of the non-Statutory Model Music Curriculum (2021). Singing, listening, composing, and performing are at the heart, and all contribute towards the steadily increasing development of ‘musicianship’ 


The spiral nature of the curriculum allows pupils to return to the same skills and knowledge repeatedly. Each time an area is revisited pupils use prior knowledge to build on previous foundations and access deeper learning. 


In Key Stage 1, musicianship is developed primarily through learning experiences centered around pulse/beat, rhythm, and pitch.  


In Key Stage 2, it is through a growing awareness of indicative musical features (formerly known as ‘elements’ or ‘interrelated dimensions’) that pupils gradually acquire language to concepts they may have previously experienced unconsciously. These concepts are always studied in relation to each other, never in isolation. 


We have a specialist music teacher and a richly resourced music room. Children can expect music lessons to be practical and full of opportunities to respond to music. 

Overview of Music


Professional Partnerships 

We are proud to make full use of the wealth of opportunities available to us as a London primary school.  

Over their time at Furzedown, children are likely to attend several concerts with professional musicians, taking part in collaborative projects. 

We have a long history of working with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.  

We also work closely with Wandsworth Music, our local Music hub. Most recently working together to bring Senegalese musician Mohamed Gueye into school, teaching extended Djembe projects to three different year groups. 


Beyond the Curriculum 

There are several activities available in KS2, some during the school day and others as after school clubs: 

  • Orchestra 
  • Choir 
  • Recorder Club 
  • Djembe Club 
  • Small group violin lessons (break out lessons in curriculum time) 
  • Drum Kit Lessons (September 2022) 


Concerts and Performances 

There will be many opportunities for children of all ages to perform in their time at Furzedown: 

  • Year Group Plays 
  • Music performances in assemblies 
  • Christmas Carol Concert, usually at Mitcham Lane Baptist Church 
  • Summer Music Concert 
  • Special concerts i.e. with the OAE or Wandsworth Music