Date Start End Event
24/01/2008:3009:00Screening at the BFI year 6 film TBC
24/01/2008:3009:00Chinese New Year year 2
29/01/2014:3015:30School streets drop in for parents
29/01/2015:0015:30School streets info at the school gates
29/01/2017:0018:30School streets consultation
31/01/2008:3009:00PTA meeting
03/02/2008:3009:00Parents coffee morning School streets in Staffroom
06/02/2009:0015:006W to Two Temple Place back @ 3.30
07/02/2018:0019:00PTA event
12/02/2014:0014:30Year 4 play
12/02/2018:0018:30Year 4 play
13/02/2011:0011:30Year 4 show