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Geography Yearly plan

Nurs/RecYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Study of School buildingCountries and capitals of UKCountries and capitals of UKLocate and name the countries making up the British Isles, with their capital cities.Locate and name the main counties and cities in/around London.Locate and name the main counties and cities in England.

Compare 2 different regions in UK rural/urban.
Name and locate the key UK topographical features including coast, features of erosion, hills, mountains and rivers.
Weather diaryContinent study – Africa.

Weather diary
Name 7 continents and 5 oceans.
Continent study - Asia
North America and key features of volcanoes.South America
Key features rainforests and rivers.
Continent – Western Europe. Key features of earthquakes.Continental study – Key features mountains and coastlines.
REC – Antarctica and ArcticCompare/contrast small area of both UK and AfricaCompare/contrast small area of both UK and AsiaCompare/contrast small area of both UK and North AmericaCompare/contrast small area of both UK and South AmericaCompare/contrast small area of both UK and Western EuropeCompare/contrast small area of UK and Eastern Europe
Weather diaryDevelop mapping skillsDevelop mapping skillsDevelop mapping skillsMapping - compass pointsMapping – OS mapsMapping – 8 point compass
OS grid reference
Local studyWoodland visitWestern RiversideVisit - Thames Explorer TrustSewage Treatment WorksVisit – Box Hill
The Crystal - sustainable living
World continents and oceans– identify hot and cold places.Local study – buildings in the local areaLocal study – Shops in the local area Local study – Environment in the local area Local study – amenities for different age groupsLocal study - Pollution study near our schoolLocal study – how to bring about changes to facilities in our local area
Revisit weather diaryCreating local area mapsCreating local area mapsCreating local area mapsMapping – compass points.Use graphs to present findings of local study fieldwork.Use ICT to enhance learning and present finding.
REC – Local study – safe places to crossWandle TrustWetlands
Sustainability issuesSustainability issuesAwareness of current global issues.Awareness of current global issues.
Creating simple mapsComparing city and villageVisit to an organicfarmBeach visitVisit – rural village e.g. Godstone
Visit – School journey