Mission Statement



We aim to make this a school where children of all abilities and backgrounds are given the skills to explore, investigate and learn exciting new things for themselves. Our school is a place where: children feel valued; the whole community promotes positive interpersonal relations; the thrill of learning means pupils want to find out more; everyone has the opportunity to explore and develop their strengths and participate in new experiences; pupils care about and take responsibility for making our school even better; children are secure and happy and they have positive relationships with peers and adults.

We aim to become an inspirational school to produce good citizens for the future in an atmosphere that promotes confidence, high academic achievement, physical health and emotional well-being.

Our Ethos

At Furzedown School we have high expectations of all our children, encouraging them always to do their best regardless of their gender, ethnicity, additional needs or beliefs.
We are committed to educating in a holistic way, focusing on the social, moral, creative and artistic as well as the academic.
We have worked hard to build a school community with positive relationships based upon mutual respect and support.
We are proud of the cultural diversity that makes up our school community, we see it as a strength that we should celebrate.
We help children see the importance of taking responsibility for themselves, their actions and their learning. Ultimately, this encourages them to become independent learners and active members of society.

Everyone at Furzedown is a learner. This is at the heart of everything we do and guides the school’s development.
We believe that every child is entitled to the very best educational experience.
We raise standards by self-evaluating our practice, communicating our high expectations clearly to children and to each other, setting aspirational yet realistic targets and goals based on what we know about each child

We are determined that our children are given every chance to realise their full potential and enjoy their time in primary school.

Our Aims

We aim to make the quality of the children’s experience our main priority, focusing on teaching and learning, the curriculum and the child as an individual. We look to involve the whole school community as much as possible, to support us in promoting positive attitudes to learning and to each other and to all members of the school and wider community.

We focus on the curriculum to ensure:

  • it is broad and balanced
  • it is interesting and appropriate
  • early identification and support of pupil’s individual needs.
  • it supports all children to make progress linked to their own ability
  • it adheres to government advice and law.
  • it reflects our community and maximises the resources of London

Our focus on teaching and learning means that:

  • the quality of the children’s experience is our main priority
  • we build opportunities for staff to progress professionally and improve their teaching
  • we build on our ability to highlight strengths and areas that we need to improve
  • the school’s whole community (pupils, parents and staff) are its main resource.

We enable children:

  • To be confident in themselves as learners.
  • To take part in an exciting and stimulating curriculum.
  • To take part in extra-curricular activities.
  • To learn through experiences in and out of the classroom.
  • To engage and involve parents.
  • To support the local community.