Our School

The Furzedown team (staff, governors) are united in our fundamental aim to make our school one where children come happily and learn willingly, and to give children a solid and secure foundation.

We aim to encourage:

  • the full development of all children enabling them to reach their full potential
  • the provision of a curriculum, which is broad, balanced and relevant to the individual child
  • the provision of an environment based on trust, dignity, respect, self-control, consideration and sharing

Children will have a firm foundation because they:

  • are secure and happy
  • have a positive self-image
  • are given equality of opportunity
  • have positive relationships with peers and adults
  • are self motivated and involved in their own learning

Teachers will:

  • provide a stimulating and challenging environment
  • be sensitive to individuals
  • adopt a range of appropriate teaching styles
  • value direct experience