20/03/2020 UPDATES

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Furzedown Primary School

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Email: admin@furzedown.wandsworth.sch.uk

       Headteacher: Mrs. M. Kitchlew-Wilson 

Deputy Headteacher: Ms. C. Heywood

20th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

As you know school will close today.

As an emergency provision, we aim to provide childcare for those workers that are critical to the country’s response to COVID 19.

Please do not send your child to school on Monday unless we have contacted you and offered you a place next week as announced by the government.

Many of you may technically qualify but we ask you to consider whether your job is crucial to the country’s response to COVID 19 and whether this provision is essential.   For example if you have already been told by your employer you can work from home, it is unlikely you need this provision.

In order for the closure of schools to be effective, we mustn’t have more than 20% of our school roll on site. This is a maximum cap and we will try our best to offer as near to this number of places as we can dependent on our staffing.

We have asked for families on Free School Meals to let us know if they want to pick up a packed lunch bag in the mornings and we will only be able to supply those of you who have responded.

We have up loaded a lot of links onto our homework pages which you access with your passwords and we have also uploaded links onto the front page of the website that do not need passwords.
We will keep you updated as we know more. There is enough work on the web site for 7 weeks we will be update it further if this is necessary.

Please email me if you have further questions.  head@furzedown.wandsworth.sch.uk

Keep safe.

Monica Kitchlew Wilson


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Written by Furzedown Primary School. Posted in News






Written by Furzedown Primary School. Posted in News

Dear all, Furzedown will be open for children of key workers and some other children with needs.

There will be a supply of packed lunches. If your child has free school meals, please let us know if you want to pick up a packed lunch so we have the numbers. Let us know by 4:00pm Thursday 19th so these can be ordered. 7 weeks of work on the homework page (portal/pupil resources) for all year groups. A link to classroomsecrets follows which gives you access to lots of activities.

We will contact you further when we are told anymore.