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Dear Parents

Even at its best, being a parent can be one of the hardest jobs in the world.

But in these extraordinary times, parents are under more pressure than ever as we try to keep the balance through lockdown.

Trying to support our children in their school work, ensure our families stay physically and mentally healthy, stop arguments spiralling out of control, juggle work (if we are lucky enough to have it) and look after our own wellbeing somewhere in the mix can feel overwhelming.

In normal times, Parent Gym’s school-based interactive sessions help build the skills and confidence of parents to create a calm home environment and raise happy children.

With schools closed, Parent Gym are developing a brand-new set of short online modules, offering quick, practical techniques to help create a happier family during these tricky times.

Our e-workouts are free and fun and take only a few minutes to do on your phone, tablet or laptop – perfect for when you are making a cup of tea.

The first module – Keep Talking, looks at ways to get our families communicating.  (We are busy producing more workouts so watch this space!).

Click  to head through to the Mind Gym Storefront, pop the Parent Gym Keep Talking module in your shopping basket and ‘purchase’ the eWorkouts (it won’t cost you a thing though…).

Why not also visit Parent Gym’s Facebook group, Parenting through uncertainty to share your experiences of parenting in lockdown and pick up some ideas from other parents for ways to keep our family life calm?

Best wishes