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We are continually trying to evolve and improve the remote learning. Thank you for your support and suggestions.  Ms Van Den Berg has put together a guide to remote learning. We hope it is helpful and makes it a little easier.

How you can support your child’s use of the remote learning platform at home:

  • Please make sure they register in the virtual classroom each day.
  • Talk through the timetable for the day to ensure they are familiar with the lessons and activities.
  • Older children can be more independent in their work but will still benefit from talking to adults at the end of each day and sharing their work.
  • Share 1-2 pieces of child’s work each week via Its Learning to allow the teacher to provide personalised feedback, praise and encouragement
  • Ensure that school work doesn’t become a battle ground! Do what works for you and the family in terms of timings/amount of work completed.
  • There is just as much value in simply reading with your child, enjoying a walk together, playing a game, cooking etc.
  • Contact your child’s teacher if you are concerned in any way via email or the message function on Its Learning.
  • We are aware that children can feel isolated from friends at this difficult time – but we ask that the Its Learning message function is only used for discussions relating to school and the work/sharing school work.
  • Please ensure that all comments and messages sent via Its Learning are respectful and appropriate.
  • Older children may be expected to do some independent research as part of their remote learning – it is a good idea to set them up using – a child friendly search engine powered by Google​​.
  • Remind children of how to use website and internet safely – for more help and info please visit:

Our Remote Learning Platform

  • All year groups will publish:
  • A Daily timetable to reflect the normal school day – nb; we don’t expect you to follow the exact timings – these are merely a suggestion for those who find it useful.  You can do whatever works best for you and your family
  • A Daily folder with resources/links for each day – making sure everything you need for each lesson is easy to find
  • These will be put up the afternoon/evening before to allow parents to see it before the “school day” starts
  • KS1 classes will receive a  morning message video every day, explaining the lessons for the day plus pre-recorded video of a story
  • KS2 classes – will have weekly video messages giving an overview of the forthcoming week,  announcements each morning giving an overview of of the day and regular pre-recorded Loom ‘lessons’ to introduce lessons, learning and tasks.
  • We hope to move towards using Microsoft Teams in the future to deliver live opportunities for KS2 children to interact with their teachers
  • We are awaiting for the IT set up which will ensure a stable platform and integrates with Its Learning as well as being accessible for teachers working both in school and remotely.
  • Daily attendance will be monitored by teachers, as well as the levels of children’s engagement/time spent in the virtual classroom.  This will be followed up with calls home as needed to see if we can offer any further support
  • NB: this may be subject to variation and change depending on staffing levels due to illness/technical hiccups etc