Furzedown and Kabalega Primary School in Uganda


Furzedown has been linked for the last 10 years with Kabalega Primary School in Uganda.

The school is situated in Masindi which is about 4 hours drive from Kampala towards the north east, near the borders of Congo and near Lake Albert.

Teachers from Kabalega have been over and visited Furzedown on a couple of occasions and teachers from Furzedown have reciprocated and visited Kabalega during half- term breaks. Mrs Mann, our former RE teacher, has been a regular visitor during her holidays to teach literacy.


A group of 11 teachers from Furzedown funded themselves to go to Kabalega and they were able to spend some of their time teaching phonics to the classes and the teachers. They were also able to hand deliver suitcases full of toiletries that the Furzedown families had collected. The teachers gained a greater understanding of the culture of the area as well as being able to spend time exploring the countryside and traditions. A tiring but wonderfully enriching trip.